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EZQuest 3 Port FireWire 800 PCI-X Card
FireWire 800/1394B
  • OHCI based 800 Mbps IEEE-1394b compliant designs with three 9-pin (bilingual) ports
  • iDT882 PCI has three external 1394b ports
  • Universal PCI board supports both 5 and 3.3V bus
  • 64-bit / 33MHz PCI bus interface
  • Impedance matched 1394b port layout
  • Optional internal power connector to supply up to 1.5 amps per port
  • Supports PCI Bus Power Management
  • Source termination located by 1394b chip for signal integrity
  • Independently isolated port fuses
  • Isochronous data transfers for support of Digital Video peripherals
  • Driver support for Windows® XP and Mac® OS X


Part #: A59999 $ 29  

Pro Audio Firewire 800 PCI Card

FireWire is now twice as fast. The EZQuest FireWire 800 PCI card allows you to harness the latest in FireWire technology. The FireWire 800 PCI card allows speeds of up to 800Mbits/s (see specs for operating system requirements.) The EZQuest PCI card has three super fast 9-pin FireWire 800 ports for your newer devices. Complete and ready to install the EZQuest FireWire 800 PCI card is the latest and greatest in high-speed connectivity.